The Lodge was inaugurated at a meeting at the “Old” St. Pancras Town Hall, when it was unanimously decided to present a petition to form a new Lodge.

The petition was submitted to Grand Lodge on 16th February 1920, sponsored by the Borough of St. Pancras Lodge No. 3316 and supported by the St. Pancras Lodge No. 2271.

The following is an extract from the petition and is still worthy of repetition.

“Local government service is simply de-centralised national service. It is therefore urged that anything which tends to promote that service is for the general good of the community. In the opinion of the Petitioners no better means could be afforded that the proposed Lodge. The personal and brotherly relationships thus set on foot must be the surest means of establishing a mutual understanding of our needs and aims”

The petition was granted on 23rd March 1920 and the Lodge was consecrated at Freemason’s Hall, Great Queen Street, W.C.2. by the former Grand Secretary, R.W. Bro. Sir Colville Smith, C.V.O

Ladies Festivals 

The first Munia Ladies Festival was held on 5th February 1923, under the Presidency of W. Bro. A. P. Coke. This took the form of a Dinner and Concert, but sometime later, in response to many requests, discussions took place regarding the holding of a Dinner-Dance. 

The first of these functions was held February 1935, the Organisers and MCs being W. Bro. W. H. Crick and Bro. J. W. Shepard. This proved to be entirely successful and upon the death of W. H. Crick in 1937, Bro. J. W. Shepard took over, assisted by various Brethren from time to time, until Bro. G. F. Taylor was established as MC in 1957. This combination of W. Bro. J. W. Shepard and W. Bro. G. F. Taylor as Festival Committee, with W. Bro. Taylor also acting as MC still maintained, five years after being missed during the Second World War. 

Every year it is said “This year has been better function than the last” so the Ladies Festival still retains its popularity not only amongst the Ladies but also with most the Brethren.