The Lodge has been well served by several members in this Office. Mostly elderly members will remember with considerable pleasure the long and efficient service rendered by the first Secretary:

W. Bro. William Love Brown, PAGDC, PPGSWks who served, from the Consecration until 1945, i.e., 25 years of good and faithful service, upon his retirement, the following took over

W. Bro. R. E. James, PAGDC, PPGStd.B 1945 – 1949
Bro. W. F. McKeer 1949 – 1951
W. Bro. P. N. G. Robinson, LGR 1951 – 1957
W. Bro. J. Curtis, MBE, LGR 1957 – 1961
W. Bro. J. W. Shepard, PAGStB, PPAGDC 1961 – 1970